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For Untold Stories from Iraq & Afghanistan: Each story is fantastically rendered and the stories are from the troops that really served there. Add an intro from Larry Hama (GI Joe), art from many fantastic artists, like Jerry Bingham (Batman) and many others, and this book is going to be a collector's item in a hurry. ...All the proceeds go to charities that help servicemen and women and their families, like Wounded Warrior Project, Fisher House, and the USO. If that plus the great art and stories isn't enough reason to buy the book, I don't know what is.
Tony Mullins

For Korean War:  This graphic novel is outstanding!!! The front cover shows what to expect. The colors, the details will grab you. This is a great work of historical first-hand information. For whatever reason you are thinking of purchasing this book - enjoy graphic novels, interested in the Korean War, historical reasons - the book will meet your expectations.

Brian Sheetz

untold stories.jpg
Korean War.jpg
For Tiger on the Storm: The darkest shaded face we have seen in this comic appears when the protagonist contemplates the burden of leadership. I like it.

Scott Zaboem (Alien Fiction)

An excellent job humanizing the characters and showing the action.

Melfie (Amorte)

For The Real Women of the US Military: The WASP:  The whole juxtaposition of the Copics for color and the hard lines of ink? I love it. The writing is extremely informative and well thought out. Never too much or too little. All around it’s been a fantastic read.
This should be a documentary or a movie.
codemonkeyarts (Birth of a Sin)
Thank you for uncovering this part of history!
catluckey (The Watchman)
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WASP cover.jpg
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