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The mission of The Stories of Service Foundation was inspired by the work of Clayton Murwin, then president of Heroes Fallen Studios. He sent a call out to the entire comic book industry for volunteers to work on Untold Stories from Iraq & Afghanistan, the biggest benefit comic book for veterans’ charities ever. Valerie Finnigan, who by then had penned Hero by Force, was one of about sixty creators who answered the call.

A medical disqualification cut Valerie’s Army career short before it began, but an officer encouraged her to serve with her writing. A soldier who shared his accounts for Untold Stories said he found working with the volunteers therapeutic. The Department of Defense recognized what the comic book industry had known for a long time, that comic book creation could be an effective means of narrative and art therapy.

The Stories of Service Foundation was established to continue this work. We are nondiscriminatory, nonjudgmental, and apolitical, and our objectives are as follows:

1. To help veterans and first responders process their experiences through the comic book arts.

2. To raise funds for organizations with similar objectives or which are otherwise devoted to supporting veterans and first responders physically and mentally.

3. To educate the general public about the experiences of veterans and first responders and build greater understanding between our civilian and military populations.

4. To help veterans and first responders connect with resources for direct assistance
with their physical and emotional needs.

5. To provide opportunities for veterans and first responders who would like to write or draw comics.

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