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On August 2nd, 1990, Iraqi troops under Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Most of the Arab League and the UN Security Council condemned the invasion. Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd and Kuwait’s Emir Jabber III requested assistance from the United States and other NATO nations against Saddam’s aggression. With no indication Saddam will withdraw his troops before the January 15, 1991 deadline, US troops arrive in Saudi Arabia, including the Air Force 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing under the command of then Colonel David Sawyer.

Based on the journal of the late Maj. Gen. David Sawyer, Tiger on the Storm honors the 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing and their service in Operation: Desert Storm.​

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On January 15, 1991, Operation: Desert Shield ended. The deadline Saddam Hussein had to withdraw his troops from Kuwait came and went, and Operation: Desert Storm began.

The first sorties of the US Air Force 23rd Tactical Fighter wing went well, but experience tempers the confidence of their commander, Col. David Sawyer. 

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February, 1991, the war in Iraq is heating up. Saddam Hussein’s forces resort to “desperate and evil” measures like targeting civilians, parading prisoners of war on television, and dumping crude oil into the Persian Gulf. The USAF 23rd TFW is also having a tougher time, having just lost a pilot to an uncertain fate. Still, wing commander Col. David Sawyer, despite mounting trials and frustrations, keeps it together.

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The least known American veterans of World War II weren’t just women. They were the first American women to fly for the military. This elite squadron included some of the best aviators of their time. Though they weren’t even recognized as veterans for decades after their service, their service set a course for female aviators decades later and proved that they were any man’s equal in the cockpit.

This book, besides being the first graphic novel devoted to the Women Airforce Service Pilots, is the inaugural installment in a series devoted to women who've served in the US armed forces from the Revolutionary War to women today breaking ground in military occupational specialties that previously excluded them.


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